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My American Dream

(In English class Monday we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr and his speech "I Have A Dream." Our assignment was to write our own, of course not copying his haha. This is my dream for America and for the rest of the world that I am praying would one day happen and I have faith that it will.)
         It is my passion, prayer, and desire to see a great change in the country God has so greatly blessed us with. Our Savior has brought us through thick and thin and has showed us this land of freedom, this land that I love. We live in a nation that is like none other. We are able to speak, write, & believe differently without anyone hunting us down for our life. Besides the Bible, our constitution is perhaps one of the greatest documents of all time that has been written. Our country was founded on the principles of the Bible. Although many others came for various reasons, there were those who came seeking God.             Sadly though, that has been changing. Our gre…

Reading your ENTIRE Bible In A Year / Your Time With God

Whoa that must sound impossible right? Read your entire Bible in a year? Yes that's difficult, but who's to say you can't do it?
For every Christian it is a GREAT exercise to completely read your Bible from the front to the back cover. I know it gets hard especially when you get to books that have lists of all those genealogies. But stick in there!! You're doing great!! I (Ang) decided to do it again this year to have a good refresher of so much I had forgotten. When I was 11 I did this but there was so much I didn't understand and was too young to comprehend. I find that devotional books or Bible plans help to keep you accountable and on track. Find a family member or friend to help you stay on point. Most of the time if we tell people of a decision we have made, there's a likely higher chance we will keep at it longer.
Even if you have already done this exercise a few times, always make sure you are reading your Bible and staying faithful in the Word of God.…