My American Dream

(In English class Monday we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr and his speech "I Have A Dream." Our assignment was to write our own, of course not copying his haha. This is my dream for America and for the rest of the world that I am praying would one day happen and I have faith that it will.)

         It is my passion, prayer, and desire to see a great change in the country God has so greatly blessed us with. Our Savior has brought us through thick and thin and has showed us this land of freedom, this land that I love. We live in a nation that is like none other. We are able to speak, write, & believe differently without anyone hunting us down for our life. Besides the Bible, our constitution is perhaps one of the greatest documents of all time that has been written. Our country was founded on the principles of the Bible. Although many others came for various reasons, there were those who came seeking God. 
           Sadly though, that has been changing. Our great country gas been drifting away from God. My dream for America is that she will turn back and seek HIM first. In order for there to be ultimate change this is what we must do. Racism, hate, murder, theft, fornication, adultery, rebellion, lying, and all other sins will still occur since we live in a sin-cursed world but so much can be eliminated!! We are in a time that is like none other and we will only continue to worsen if there's not a change.
          Our standards have been dropped. The shows and movies aired today wouldn't have even been CONSIDERED 50 years ago. So many hold foul language and dress that wouldn't be deemed appropriate. It's difficult to find good, wholesome things to watch. Many show that kids are the leaders of the home, and the parents are just ignorant toward their acts. Movies, shows, programs, books, & magazines have a big influence along with social media. This shouldn't be the case. Teens and children are now more disrespectful and rebellious causing havoc for parents. What is worse is sometimes the parent don't or won't care. We think we deserve so much and are entitled to everything. Society teaches us this through their propaganda. I want ALL of this to change. I want to see families united and close and not spending so much time on things that are frivolous and unnecessary. I want to see teenagers, adults, and small children alike having a deep desire to serve God and make an impact in other's lives.
          On that note, the family roles have changed. Men are acting and being more feminine and women are acting and being more masculine. God designed it the other way around. He made us all with roles to fulfill, while they are different, they are equal in the eyes of God. One isn't more important than the other or more domineering. There are only 2 genders, male and female. Society can say whatever they want but God created 2 and an individual is not to meant to change (they have no right anyways) their gender. You were wonderfully created in the image of God of God. What He does and what He makes is perfect. I am firmly against homosexuality BUT I AM NOT AGAINST THE PERSON. There is a HUGE difference and frankly many classify that in the same category, hate. Then say if you are against _______, fill in the blank, you are a hater, but that's not true. How is it that as Christians we can be tolerable about every one else's beliefs and opinions, yet when we bring out the Bible they aren't tolerable? They are asking us to do something they don't do themselves.
             Racism was a big thing back then and still is now. It’s wrong that races and cultures think they are far more superior than others because their skin is lighter or they are more intelligent. Just as God created you, he created them in His image and despite what’s different we are all equal. People compete over some of the most silliest things. They compete about who’s more good looking, who’s stronger, smarter, wiser, faster, but God doesn’t focus on all those talents. Everyone is equipped differently for different reasons. If we were all the same, imagine how boring the world would be. Everything would be the same and everyone would think/believe the same.
It’s not at all a person’s right to take another’s life away. Just as you have family, so do they. I want America to go back to being pro-life, not just half of us, or three-fourths of us but ALL of us. That baby is a living, breathing human being with a soul! The womb ought to be the safest place, but sadly, that isn’t the case for many in 2017. Don’t go making foolish decisions if you don’t want to deal with the consequences, it’s that simple. We let our flesh, temptations, and our sin nature get in the way. Make a goal to stay pure and to go to the altar knowing you did nothing with anyone on any day in any place. God will bless you for that, for staying pure and holy and keeping yourself for that future life-long partner. If you get married, do not divorce. The divorce rates here in America are so high. That brings pain to not only you and your partner but to any kids you have or other relatives.
I find that so many teenagers deal with depression for various reasons. Suicidal statistics show that many are killing themselves because they have lost hope and they are ready to give up. I want America  to be a country of hope and new life where people can come to start over. Life is hard, I know. We go through things everyday. I want us to be inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and giving Jesus to those people that need Him and are searching for an answer. God is the answer. He is who they need.
In our world, if you believe a certain way many will say “Oh that’s dumb. You have no evidence for that. Instead, believe this.” Although that may be true that’s a very arrogant way to say they’re wrong. I feel we, as Christians, are so guilty of this. To win them you can’t use hateful remarks. That usually won’t work...You need to show them Christ’s love and live it yourself. Your actions will speak more than your words.
There is a lot of division in the church house today and to make a change that is one of the bigger places of where it HAS to start. Christians need to stop fighting over petty things like what color to change the auditorium’s carpet. I read a while back about a church that split in half. Don’t make small things turn into big things. Satan uses things like that to break up the house of God. I want us to be unified. When I left my other church 2 years ago, there were some that were upset and closed the doors with us. It shouldn’t be this way. God may move you to another church but your fellow former church members need not to be so upset. God lets things happen for a reason and uses circumstances to bring out for the better. (Romans 8:28)
Division is everywhere. Whether it may be about beliefs and religion to politics,’s everywhere. In our nation, there is a hate/dislike for police officers. This bugs me. These men and women (along with our military officers) risk their own lives to protect us. They signed the dotted line and the least we can do is be thankful. We’re so terribly blessed and yet we want more and more and we are never content. If you think you have it bad, I promise you there is someone worse off than you. Those in places like Africa barely have enough to go on another day and they aren’t complaining. In fact, they may be some of the happiest people out there that know how to enjoy the little things in life.
I know there is so much I’d like to change to see people happy, enjoying life, and loving God. From pollution to “All lives matter” everything is important and holds weight in our world. Some matters, like Isis, are more urgent but it’s through God alone that this all can change. I believe change can happen if we simply put God first and remove our pride. Pride can destroy an individual. One will be filled with arrogance and a love for themselves that they can forget about the people around them who are looking for help and an answer. If we simply confess that we are wrong and ask God’s help revival can happen and change can finally take place.

Romans 8:28 ~ And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


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