Happy February!!!

Wow!!! It's amazing how time flies!! The first month of the new year is completed and so far everything has been great! We've seen a lot happen, especially if you are here in the United States. There's been division of course but in some ways there has been unity and we are thankful for what God is already doing.  :)

February's Theme Verse: 

2 Timothy 2:15 ~ Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

This month, and possibly the next month or however long God should have us on this topic, we will be posting about studying and knowing your Bible. It's important you are spending time in God's Word and in the prayer closet if you want Him to speak to you and do a work in your life. It is still uncertain about what we will specifically zoom in on but the first few posts will be on 4 things you can pull away from the book of Philippians. They will be general topics we may continue a study on at some later point. Also we will be talking about how to defend what you believe. It's common that people know what they believe but it's WHY they do that they don't know or how to back up. Join us as we take a look at some heavy topics and we pray they can be a help and blessing to you. 

Don't forget for sending prayer requests, comments etc. you can email us or get in contact through Google Plus. 

Have a Blessed Evening!!
Abi & Ang


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